Chef Wendell: Sweet And Savory Fruited Barley Pilaf

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!n
using j.tea grass just like weed. i didn’t know that. >> i’m not a rabbit. but never knew. >> who would have guessed? we love vegetables. >> so what are we making here? >> barley is something we kind of put on the back, we don’t think bout it too often. it’s like white rice, brown rice. we need to add barley to our diet. >> can you make it similar to rice? >> you treat it just like rice or a stir fry. stay away from the processed grains that, lead to us die — buy beetsz. whole grains slow down your body’s absorption of sugar. >> talk about why it’s important for fiber to be in your diet. >> inside of our g.i. tract, there’s lot of activity going on in there. we keep our g.i. tract healthier, the beter everything works in jemplet foods that don’t have fiber like white bread and fried chicken and pieces of meat, that’s fine and dandy, but no fiber. >> i see onions, apricots and apples. >>



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