Chef Wendell: Spinach & Bean Quesadillas

Chef Wendell: Spinach & Bean Quesadillas
at the finished product, you see what i slid in there. loving to be sneaky with the children. >> the best part about the quesadilla, it’s healthy. >> absolutely, daniel. he’lling healthy snacks can be part of a really positive diet. and actually a little healthy snacks frequently during the day can really up your metabolism so you lose a lot f weight. that’s the bottom line is eating healthy, losing weight and keeping it all happening for indiana hoosiers. >> and it has a lot of fibe. >> oh, my goodness. doesn’t it ever. fiber is crucial. the qaiso means cheese. mexican cheese sandwich. but what i did today, i tok refried beans. normally they have lard. you can get them without lard in them. >> that’s fantastic. >> we love our pigs. on the other hand, we don’t need to be i.v.ing pig lard into our body. you can find the whole wheat tortilla. >> so many different varieties. >> read the lab



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