Chef Wendell: Skinny Sheppard’s Pie With A Healthy Twist

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
chef wendell joins us making shepherd’s pie this morning. >> oh, a classic. this is on everybody’s repertoire at home, i’m sure. a war horse recipe. you know what, i’ve been listening to a lot of my heart patients who want to eat better and don’t want to give up on the things they’ve enjoyed their whole life so shepherd’s pie is one of those wholesome feel-good dishes but instead of butter i used something like smart balance. >> that is a substitute for making things healthier. >> indeed. it’s got lots of good — obviously it’s got lots of good vitamins and minerals, it just doesn’t have bad stuff in it. >> what’s inside? >> we’re doing vegetables. shut cake mushrooms, celery, garlic onions, thyme, paprika. it’s a constellation, holy cow. >> i’m about to sneeze. >> we lightly blanch things. throw peas in there. carrots. you can put anything in there you want. what’s going to bind it toge



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