Chef Wendell: Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Chef Wendell shows us how to make roasted sweet potato salad
thought about putting them in the salads. >> where would you normally? >> thanksgiving, slathered with butter. >> that’s a felonious assault. >> what do we have today? >> sweet potato salad. i took this in the “new york times.” >> lime in there? >> yeah, we don’t associate — it’s hard to think — the sweet moment the sweet and gooey concept. we found this recipe, people, parents especially, food and cooking is one of the ways we show our love towards the family and now it’s in the cdc report that says that we are woefully indeficient — or deficient in our consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially adolescent teens and it starts with the mom and dad, ruthanne. >> yes, it does. >> anyway, we start off with all the ingredients here, this is a powerful dish, we’re using black beans which are extremely fibrous. [bell ringing] >> there it is that’s. >> fiber. [bell ringing] >> i got hi



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