Chef Wendell: Quinoa Walnut Cherry Salad

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
notjust because of their appearance. >> wel, they do look like — >> they kind of look like a brain. this morning he joins us with ways to add flavors to the dishes with a touch of this healthy nut. first of all, we have my favorite dish. >> i’m glad you like this. >> i really do. >> it’s taken hold. people are cutting back tonight proteins. and this is a great source of protein. but the dish today — you ever feel like you’re swiming through jello? >> all the time. especially the cold weather outside. >> exactly. brain freeze. but walnuts are brain food. let’s put it that way. they really help us get through the day. if you came out from lunch and had a big burger and you’re trying to stay away, you ate wrong at lunch. you can undo the damage you’ve done with walnuts. >> talk about the difference between a walnut and peanut. >> vastly diferent in the nutritional content. you got to lear



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