Chef Wendell: Mexican Fruit Salad

Chef Wendell: Mexican Fruit Salad
this is a great way to eat fruit all at once. >> yeah. we’re all struggling. struggling as americans to eat more fruits and vegetables. as daniel has asked me before, yes, i am a vegaholic. > why are you that? >> i get my produce. farmers’ market are my crack houses. because there’s so much research, daniel that says if you eat more fruits and vegetables, you can abate the diseases that we’re sufering. everybody deserves to feel good. >> absolutely. great way. > we can learn new delivery methods to get them into our bodies. reader’s digest gave me the recipe. i was almost embarrassed i asked. >> what’s in it? >> well, mango. something that’s loaded with fiber. >> you can find fiber in mango. >> almost every fruit and vegetable. every fruit has some sort of insoluble or soluble fiber. getting it in, boy — he’s hapy today. but we’ve taken watermelon, which has lycopene, another anticancer



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