Chef Wendell: Mediterranean Bean Salad

Chef Wendell: Mediterranean Bean Salad
want anything to do with beans. they’ve been around since 10,000b.c. they’ve been cultivated. but anyway we need to get more beans into our diet. they’re loaded with fiber. [bell rings] thank you. and, daniel, we use mayonnaise and relishes, sugary and things like that. >> you’re doing something a little different this morning. >> we want to get the fiber, the b vitamins. call fiber the colin powell of our g.i. tract. sore. dude. >> you left off the powell. >> i’ve taken two different versions of beans. i have a red bean and a cantalini bean. i don’t use a lot of vinegar. i can. i substitute a lem none or citrus. you’re getting more vitamin c in there. my dressing today will be just some freshly squeezed lemon juice. it gives a wonderful, fresh, clean flavor i must say. >> wow. that’s an interesting mix with the beans with a tarty taste. > oh, yeah. we’re going to neutralize the tarty ta



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