Chef Wendell: Hoosier Spring Green Salad

Chef Wendell: Hoosier Spring Green Salad
and we are talking salads this s mosrning with cheft efwendell. goodl. morning. >> good morning,, daniel. >>l. welcome.w good to see ooyou. >> good to see you,o to. >> you can’t go wrong by having this year. there’s big difference fewhreen you get it from a farm and whaend it’s been processed. >> we tend to go toward the head lettuce. we need to forget about iceberg lettuce if you’re eating a healthy diet. eat the greens, become the green. be the green. >> be the green. be the green. >> let’st talk about thehe importance of having a salad. .people have them with every er meal, excepmet , breeakfast. a >>t every day now more and more news about the more eventuallies and produce you eat, the less chances of getting cancer. what a great news that canha be. we love that. but it’s more about preventative diets. we’re not getting the nutrition. when we eat a whole dark green, this is like a vi



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