Chef Wendell: Groovy Mushroom Gravy

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right ,Now!
the fat. >> that’s right. groovy gravy. your heart will be liking it. what is gravy? you love gravy. > i love it. it’s partly why i’m looking forward to thanksgiving. so i can eat a lot. >> that’s okay. don’t use him as role model. okay. >> well, you know and i were talking before the segment started. the way they used to prepare it, it’s a lot different than today. > oh, my goodness, yeah. the ingredients are different than 30 years ago. when we make gravy, the pan renderings from whatever weir cooking. my mother would add flour to the fried chicken skillet and make this gravy. but when you think about, what what are we eating? >> we’re eating a lot of fat. > a lot of fat from factory farm animals inject with the d.e.a. not only illegal, but was in meat for years. the cancer doesn’t show up for years after you eat. it has herbicides, growth hormones. >> a lost things we don’t need. >> w



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