Chef Wendell: Green Beans With Garlic & Lemon Recipe

Chef Wendell: Green Beans with Garlic & Lemon Recipe
and we’re talking about green beans today because everybody has green beans coming out their ears in their garden. >> you’ve got one right there. >> the gardens are proliferating. >> they’re popping right now. what do to our green beans, this is what we doo tower green beans. we feloniously assault them with bacon, mushroom soup, and we commit travesty and indignity to a vegetable we should be embracing so let’s cook gleaner’s today. >> a lot of people snap the beans or take the ends off, are you going to do that? >> well, yeah, you noticed. >> yes. >> well, yeah, you know, i steamed them first ieed, actually, they’re kind of easier to take off after you’ve branched them for a second. but i didn’t branch them, rick, i steamed them and i only took seven or eight minutes to do it because you can cook them too much. what did your grandmother do, 12 hours. >> with a big old ham hock. >> ham



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