Chef Wendell: Ghoulish Goulash

Chef Wendell: Ghoulish Goulash
right? >> i don’t think we’re going to substitute it, good for you, though, good thought. i think, you know, this is the time of the year when we all justify the sociazed activity of indulging the sugar gods and we get into trouble that way sometime. it’s an innocent, loving holiday that we love to share with our family but there are some down sides to sugar. >> why, toddler some down sides but speaking of sugar the wine has some of it. >> yeah, but we’re going to burn a little of that off in the saute, yeah, you would think of that. sugar has been proven to blunt the immune response. >> interesting. >> when we eat a lot of sugar we’re left open to flu and virus. during this time especially let’s undo the damage as quickly as we can. >> absolutely. >> when they come home from doing all this, let them come inside and have a wholesome goulash, everybody likes goulash. >> let’s talk about w



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