Chef Wendell: General Tao’s Tofu

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
>> chef wendell is here this morning. and we are talking about basically if you have a favorite fast food, and it’s not good for you, how you can make it healthier at home. >> food not god for you? shock. well, daniel, gosh, when we order out from carry-out and we like to do that a lot, we’re basically putting our hands — our health in the hands of a total stranger. so sometimes a little knowledge can be really valuable, daniel, here. >> that’s true >> we love fod. we’ve grown up with it. you know, unless you’re on the other end watching the guy cook, a lot of stuff gets in there that shouldn’t be getting in there. > i won’t say. the stuf that makes it taste good. we’re talking about tofu this morning. >> scream like little girls when they see tofu coming. real many do eat tofu. >> what is it? >> it’s made from the milk produced from a bean. basically it’s soy cheese. and it’s not reall



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