Chef Wendell: Cranberry Salsa

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
has a few tips on how to avoid overeating this thanksgiving, plus a new recipe. i can’t promise you that. avoid overeating. , i look forward to thanksgiving every year. >> how many calories? >> i don’t know. >> do you think eat? >> i don’t know. >> it’s almost 3,000. it’s one day of the year. >> one day of the year. >> you’re not doing this every day. we have to pack up a little bit of common sense. intelligent eating is — healthy eating is about making intelligent choices. >> this morning we have like a traditional, you know — > cranberries. cranberries. the little maroon have been part of our tradition. we know that. for centuries. decades. whatever. indianapolis is the pilgrims came. i can bet your bipy that the ones they used weren’t immersed in high fructose corn syrup. >> i hate to say that the brand right there — not the particular brand necessarily, but read the labels. that’s



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