Chef Wendell: Cabbage And Potatoes

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
how we can do so by going right into our kitchen. >> amen, brother. i tell you. right now people are really struggling. >> yes, we have to say that we are struggling. >> everybody is. i mean, no one is exempt right now. >> right. let’s talk about how we can do that in the kitchen with a good meal. >> indeed. it sems the culture is to run and buy something premade. there’s a lot of tradeoffs in that. it’s not economical, but it’s more economical to cook for yourself at home. you control the ingredient and focus on the nutrition and kind of like mend the love that yo don’t get from a conveyor belt meal. >> absolutely. > what we’ve done here today is potato pancakes and it’s caled bubble and squeak. rember the show from england, the fat ladies used to cut bubble and squeak. they weren’t far of. if you use the right kind of potato and cabbage and – >> don’t pel the skin off the potato, right



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