Chef Wendell: Asian Vegetable & Turkey ‘Leftover’ Stir F

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
>> welcome back, 7:53, wendell is here to tell us what we can do with all those leftovers, especially with all the turkey we have left over. >> yeah. >> what are you making today? >> there’s a loot of turkey left over at our house. we had big family coming over. we have fun on thanksgiving. we sometimes cheat. i know i did. what i did, i purged myself. lots of vegetables. you take the lean turkey, pull the skin off of t you’ve got that thanksgiving flavor in your mouth. let’s go asian this time. basically, ruth, all i did basically was what do we do we drink a quart of gravy on thanksgiving and sometimes we need an opportunity to kind of purge it out a little bit. there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself on thanksgiving but now’s the time to undo some things that maybe we eight. i marinated it in soy sauce, sherry, ginger, garlic. we were talking before, hey, daniel, ginger or mary



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