Chef Wendell: Asian Pumpkin Stir Fry

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell Fowlernwww.chefwendellfowler.blogspot.com
something interest. pumpkin stir fry. > sure. we can use anything, daniel. >> i guess so. so, first of all, you mentioned the fact that we should be eating pumpkin more than once a year. >> well, unfortunately, it seems to be kind of something we think about oe a year, because halloween. we hollow one out and that’s what we think about. we throw the rest of away. there’s really cool stuff in pumpkin with heart disease, cancer. it’s loaded with iron and zinc. >> and full of fiber as well. >> and fiber. oh, my gosh. >> there’s the belch >> — there’s the bell. >> we can take anything and stir fry. we’ll add more broccoli. you can add anything that you like. we’ve put some red peppers there. i’m going to do something unique, dam. if you’ve eaten out in an asian restaurant, you’ve had a scrambled egg thing thrown in. we’re going to scramble the eggs kind of lightly. not terribly so. >> okay.



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