Chef Wendell

chef wendell
make it pretty. we’ll appeal to the eyes. okay. we start it off with some eggplant. let’s throw one together, daniel. now you can gril this if you’d like. a spider over there. it looks like a spider. we’ll take an egg plant. i salted them first. i hit them in a hot skillet and turn them over once. don’t play with them too long. then i put in a slice of fresh tomato. those get kind of nasty once you cook them. > you want them fresh. >> i’l do some layers of basil. who downtown like basil? it’s a wonderful, wonderful dish. then i’m going to put on several little pieces of locally produced hoosier goat’s cheese. isn’t that wonderful stuf? then we have yellow summer squash. so you’re stacking this a little higher. >> is it best to eat this cool? >> i would say air temp. if you want to cook in advance and heat it, don’t use the microwave. that’s really an abomination. i’m topping it with anot



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