Chef Wendel Greens

Chef Wendell serves up greens and pasta
morning, not the money but the kind you eat. >> not al green. >> not al green. >> let’s clear that right up. >> we have a variety featured here this morning. >> yes, yes. >> all good for you. >> absolutely. >> we’ll team it up with angel hair pasta. we’ll talk about that but first what are we making? >> we have a hard time eating greens in this cultural, don’t we. >> we do. >> we were given this head lettuce, iceberg lettuce, which is crappy, not a lot of nutrition, we may as well eat a piece of cardboard. macular degenerative is huge, and, you know what, if we had been eating more leafy green vegetables during our lifetime perhaps we could have averted some of these things because dark leafy are loaded with vitamin k, prevent macular degenerative and they’ve got fiber, of course. [bell ringing] >> this is the simplest and easiest way, fiber, eat something with — >> anything in the prod



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