Chef Tony

Chef Tony in the Indy Style kitchen
we appreciate chef tony when he comes in. usually i have a good idea by looking around what you’re going to do. you’re vague today. something while. that makes us nervous when it’s do but called a ramp? what is ramp? >> ramps are wild leeks. these came from bedford, indiana. i got them the other day. they grow in the ground. use them just like onions. the flavor is incredible. you want to clip that root end off and i’ve cleaned this off and just handle it just like an onion. and then we just can cut it up and i use some of the greens just like a green onion. >> the only thing i know about wild onions is from watching “napoleon dynamite.” >> it’s out in the woods. definitely out in the woods. the only place i’ve seen them that you can get them retail is actually over at the winter’s farmer’s market. somebody is selling them right now. >> they’re doing the searching for you. >> exactly. i



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