Chef Tom Has Popcorn Recipes For Halloween And Beyond

Chef Tom, or should we say “Julia Child” shares some recipes for popcorn that your family will devour!
You know, for most of us, halloween is all fun and games and it’s about trick-or-treating and candy. But, for some kids, it can be frightening.nWe will sort some things out for you today and tell you how to talk to your kids and make them feel more safe at home. So let me introduce to you Laura Gilley a child adolescent psychologist. and thank you for dressing up as a psychiatrist for us this morning.n”I forgot my beard,” jokes Gilley. TnThis a problem with a lot of children being frightened around the holiday season? nGilley says “It can be, but often times kids are — this is the first time they are being exposed to death and scary things. for some little kids, four, five, six-year-olds, it might be a scary time..nNicea says,”Now you are saying, time to go trick-or-treating, it’s dark, go to the ghoul costume, you’re walking by scary costumes. How do you talk to them about that?nGille



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