Chef Timothy Cipriano

Chef Timothy Cipriano is in the kitchen for the nation’s premier culinary benefit
the wealthiest nations and on d still children right here on our united states of america are growing up physically hungry…in fact studies show that by the end of the year nearly 17 million children here in america may not have a warm meal…in an effort to end childhood hunger we are sharing our strength…here to share how you can help out we have…tim cipriano the executive director of food services for new haven public schools—tim welcome to methe show… —tim..we talked about your trip to d.c. but you’re hear cooking for a cause?—tell us about “taste of the nation” and how it came about? t?—the funds raised go to help end childhood hunger? —lets get started– we’re making? —ingredients?en —lets tell folks where the event is being held and how to get tickets:”taste of the nation new haven”when: may 19, 2010where: yale 10 commons located in woolsey hall 500 college st



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