Chef Steve Hall Talks Oysters

Chef Steve Hall of Hemenway’s Restaurant explains the different kinds of local oysters being used for this year’s Oyster Festival.
shawn tempesta joins uses live with chef steve long. what kin of oysters arersre on the menu saturday, shawn? s >> there are a bunch of oysters. what kind of o kysters are on the menu, saturday? >> we’re>> going to have h oysters from prince edward island, it’sd, going to be in a wild oyster, we’re going to have duckck berries from massachusetts and we’re going to have our very own papa squash oysters from bristol, rhode island. >> it’s what we call big papa. >> they’re the best. >> we’re looking at three of them. explain which one they are, because they look different. >> right here, this is a ducks berry oyster, massachusetts oyster, this is theis bottom shell and the top shell, you can see has a nice fluting to it. these are unique because — >> it’s a massachusetts oyster, that’s why — doug flute they named it after. >> it looks like a duck’s feet. this is a pdi oyster, this is actu



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