Chef Stephen Fries

New Haven’s Food, Stephen Fries
>> our next guest xis always on the food scene celebrating local chefs and the culture of food, i’m back withw new haven’s local foodie s tephen frietess. how are you doing? >> great. >> i understand you just came back from the fa ncy fod show in new york. >> 3,000 exhibitors throughout the world, includes some from connecticutt showcasing twheir gourmet food products. one of the gentlemen i happened to have met, i aske viewed him and he had acatually given me cop positive sipe-hise wonderful — a copy of his wonderful book, “thek essence of chocolate”, and grilled haloumi wasmi se rved, you name it, as far as the specialty food product, it is there. a wonderful experience for any person in the food industry. >> so you got some haloumi cheese you’re billing. >> that is grilling. we’ll move here and this resees pee appeared in nigh new haven register — this recipe appeared in the new hav



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