Chef Secrets

Chef secrets at restaurants
whether it’s once a week or once a year, you deserve to know what goes on behind the scenes. no one knows better than the chefs who spend all day preparing your food. in tonight’s special report, newschannel five’s thalia hayden uncovers what happens in the kitchen, and what chefs are watching out for… when they dine out. chicken… potatoes… fresh bread (scratch of the record)but is the food at restaurants… really fresh??i think i’ve gotten hair in my food before of course you don’t know what happens behind those doors… so who better to ask than the men and women who spend most of their day in the kitchen… these chefs at the lincoln culinary institute know what goes into preparing a meal.. they see the good.. the bad.. the ugly..so surely, when dining out, there are some “rules” these professionals say they follow..lets start from the moment a chef walks into a reastauant…if



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