Chef Rocky’s Fall Garden Linguine

Chef Rocky’s Fall Garden Linguine
>> andy: rocky is in the kitchen. he’s happy for a couple reasons. fall is here, and oklahoma won. >> andy: i’m surprised you didn’t put a big flag in the middle of “studio 4.” >> baker mayfield for president. >> andy: there you go. what are we making? >> we’re going to make a garden fall pasta. fall time is toward the end of the garden season. we get a lot of good, viian stuff we get to play. with we’ll utilize a lot of these garden items into a great, very quick, actually a vegetarian pasta. i would probably grill up some chicken. >> andy: the one day you do something vegetarian, and meaghan is in hawaii. >> i know, i almost thought about flying to hawaii just to do this segment, only because oklahoma won. >> andy: man, life is good for you guys, oklahoma win, meaghan is in hawaii. >> the west texas chef’s table just celebrating the successful dinner last night. >> andy: i want the say



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