Chef Richie / Healthy Chicken Fingers

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Hey, hey god lookin’.nnThat’s you, bill.nnThey are singing your song chef richie miller. The man, the coking legend chef richy miler.nnHow we doing?nnDoing great. You are one of our family favor its and you are here today with food not only good for your soul but good for your heart. And you know about heart things that go wrong. What hapened with your ticker?nnI’ve had a bypas done on my main left artery about three-and-a-half years ago.nnDid you have symptoms? Did you have pain? How did you know something was going on?nnI just didn’t feel right. And i went to the doctor and they said oops, we’ve got to fix that.nnThey do. You had a little bypass.nnMain left artery they bypassed had and did a wonderful job because i’m still here.nnGod bless you and god bless your doctors. Before that i gues you aid a lot of crappola and not a lot of asparagus.nnI’m sauteing it in sesame seed oil give it



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