Chef Nicole Straight

Friday’s Kitchen segment with Nicole Straight shows you what to buy tips for busy Moms.
the stress out of dinnertime. nicole straight is here with a 15-minute meal to whip up on a busy weeknight.–before we make the meal… you’re >> you are going to show us what we should have. >> if you don’t have the right building blocks, it is hard to get a building off the ground. it is the same in the kitchen. most of us open the pantry ful of food, and what do we say, there is nothing to eat. i wil show you what to stock now that we’re watching our pennies. you are not going to say i’m going to order a piza. every dollar counts today. the freezer, people tend to overlook the freezer. the meat goes no the garbage — >> frozen vegetables, they are — they have the exact same nutrients as fresh vegetables. frozen vegetables are great. frozen brown rice. these came from whole foods. people think it is too expensive, it is not, very reasonable. whole grain brown rice, three minutes, done



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