Chef Mick: Salmon With Crab Sauce

1/2/11 – 9 am – Simple yet elegant. Salmon fillets smothered in a creamy crab sauce you can make in minutes!
> >ana: we are making a couple of seafood dishes. . > > first i started with salmon. we offer different kinds of salmon at tony’s market. i just sprinkle that with lemon pepper. the secret on fish is to see red hoear it hot. you do not want to cut it too much maybe 140 degrees internally as what it should be. i took some flour and with the 2 tbsp. of flour i added some butter. i wanted d flour and butter to meld together. if you add some more milk it will keep the flour from clumping up. this is a very rich sauce. i also added some cream cheese. i have some green onions and will add some crab. you could use lobster or schrempp anything you want. we want to stir this and make it nice and thick. this will go with mashed potatoes. these are wasabi mashed potatoes. i have this recipe linked at tony’s market dot com. i have some horse radish sour cream left over from christmas. this is a spec



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