Chef Mick: Crispy Crab Wontons

1/2/11 – 9 am – This is ultimate fried wonton, with variations for lobster or shrimp.
>>on the menu this morning… crispy crab wontons.. > > i’m going to use lobster today. this is the last day of the holiday. there’s some good football games on and the hockey game. the diet starts tomorrow. we will start by making a cream cheese and base. i have lemon zest white pepper. there’s also ginger and garlic. i will at chopped lobster. you can use chopped shrimp if you like. we will stir this up and get it all blended in. these are not that hard to do. i would normally use a square but these are rounded. you confine these in almost every grocery store. we will put some of this mixture in the middle. then we will seal this around the edges and get all of the air out. then we will put them on cornstarch here. this keeps it from sticking since we got it wet. this is kind of an old-fashioned purse that we will do here. squeeze them together and pinch them on the outside. these just



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