Chef Mick: Baby Back Ribs With Apple Sauerkraut

1/2/11 – 7 am – If you love tender, juicy spareribs, you’re sure to love this comforting wintry version.
>>on the menu this morning… baby back ribs with apple sauerkraut. > > we’re going to start by browning these baby back ribs. you can use a roasting pan if you want. i have them nice and brown. i am using tony’s pork and poultry seasoning. combing seasoning like this gives it a good complexity. at tony’s market we by the smallest packaged amounts. these brown in the pan and we will put some sauerkraut along with some of these other ingredients. we mix all of these together and they go on top. and actually has an apple taste a sweet and crunchy type taste. i’m going tad what looksike potato dumplings. i have some that is done. you do not have to eat huge quantities. about 20 or 30 percent of this plate is meat but the rest is vegetables. it would be great for football and you do not have to fire up the grill. > >ana: com under the food



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