Chef Martin / Tuna Tartar With Avocado

Chef MartinnTuna Tartar with Avocado and topped with an Asian soy dressing
Chef martin of munich is here. If you think he’s hot, wait until you see what he sets on fire this time.nnNot cooking today?nnThe thing about today there is no cooking. I tell you this. You are on “the morning blend” Every single day. You are in the open with that giant flame that actually destroyed our ceiling but made you a star.nnYou can still see the sky.nnWhat are you cooking today?nnTuna tartar with avocado and an asian dressing. We start with the asian dressing. It is fish sauce.nnFish sauce?nnFish sauce.nnLet me see that fish sauce.nnSoy sauce.nnIt has anchoves, sea salt and water. What else did you put in there?nnSoy sauce, oil, honey.nnI beg your pardon, sweety? Did you come up with this yourself?nnYeah, this is my recipe. You can see it on the website if this is too fast for the people. All the measurements on the web side. They can redeem it.nnTake your time. We have a lot of



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