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Family Favorites – Blackened Spanish Mackerel
? what you got co cookin’ ? >> tickets coming up in a minute for bull riding. right now something is turkey. >> fishy, fishy. >> for father’s day, chef martin from munich is the catch of the day. what is that? oh, boy. did you catch that yourself? >> no, jurgen caught it. >> where did he catch that? >> on the bridge. >> i see people fishing out there all the time. they stop on the causeway and fish. is jurgen german? >> yeah. >> chef martin is showing you how to fillet the fish. when did you first learn how to fillet a fish? >> in florida. >> not a whole lot of fishing in munich. what’s the art of fileting the fish? >> go in on the top part first, cut down the scales. >> this is a mackerel. >> why do you like to eat them? >> it is a fighting fish and the fillet has good texture to it. >> what kind of flavor is a mackerel. >> like a white salmon, oily but not that bad like a fishy, fishy



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