Chef Martin – Family Favorites – Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon topped with Eastern Tropical Salsa served with Refreshing Summer SaladnChef Martin – Recipes – Family Favorites
? what you got coking ? >>> how about cookin’ up with chef martin. he is always cooking up great food and always a great time. chef martin is back on the blend t is staycation week, that’s why we are wearing our shadeses and also to protect your eyes because this morning are you preparing what, chef martin? >> atlanta salmon lightly blackened and we’re going to make a nice sauce on top of it. an asian to be cal salsa. go a little spicey and sweet of the fruit very nice with the salmon and summer salad refreshing all vacation time. fast to fix and people lay on the chair outside or on the beach. >> while are you cooking that am i sniffing on this? >> that’s my sniffer. put your sunglasses on. >> get to it. are you staycationing in florida this year? >> no, i will go to germany a little bit. >> if you should decide to staycation in florida we have great ideas of places to go. we are in par



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