Chef Martin / Baby Blacktip Shark Chops

Baby Blacktip Shark Chops in Butter-Lemon Sauce Served with Pan-fried Potato Cubes (Recipe for 4 servings)
We don’t get an academy award for that i don’t know what will. Shark night in the water but in the pan this morning chef martin the shark our own family favorite is here. Did you realy catch this shark?nnYes.nnWhere did he catch him?nnIn the harbor.nnDid she tug and pull at you?nnPull and pul.nnWhat it a real workout with biceps and triceps.nnIn that size it is okay. Billinger ones are a work out.nnAre sharks good eating?nnYes. Baby shark very tender like the veal of the shark, like the veal in the cow. Small shark, very tender, it doesn’t have a sharky taste like the big sharks.nnDoes it have a fishy taste?nnNo. Normally the big ones you soak in butter milk to get — shark has like a sour taste.nnDid you hear that, carley. Give your shark a buttermilk bath before you fry them up for mr. Lucky. Are these little shark steaks?nnShark steaks.nnWhat did you sprinkle?nnLittle blacken, little



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