Chef Lucky Cooks For 4th Of July

Chef Lucky prepares a healthy meal for the 4th of July.
to that backyard barbecue this weekend, this is not going to cl your your arteries. welcome to the show. start with you, lucky, what are you making today? chef lucky, you should say. >> turkey burgers and vegetarian baked beans. >> you already started mixing everything together. talk about what you through in here for this fabulous turkey burger. >> ground meat, ritz crackers, cajun spice, low-fat sour cream, sauteed peppers and onions. >> this has to be a popular meal to make at a picnic. >> it is. burgers are worldwide but the healthy side is turkey, but remember has to be thoroughly cooked. >> your friend is 99, tell folks where you work. >> whitney manner in hamden, connecticut. she is 99 years old and i went back to my job and she said, lucky, i saw you on tv but you didn’t mention us. >> that is what you make for them, healthy stuff. talk about your new care initiative that just ki



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