Chef Lisa Corrado

Chef Lisa Corrado prepares Blueberries with Almond Cream and Cool Melon Soup.
here to show us how to make a healthy diethe delicious, chef and nutritionist lisa corrado. is thank you for being hgere. you say your jobr is to ma tke busy people healthier. how do you do that? >> it is a ibout understanding that person’s busyness and how i can help them fit in healthy grocery s hoocping and eating the food so get into that particuplar schedule. >> des was making fun of me because july isbe e national blueberry month, i love them, i have them evhaery morning. >> they’re really high in anti-oxidants and fiber arnd they are delicious. >> what are we using the blueberries blfor? >> we’rew making a co uple of dishes, the first one is fresh blueberries, if we have anyn left, withal mond cream anda the second dish is a cold melon soup with fresh mint. i will work over here.h >> what do >>we do. >> they’re very, y’very simple. we start out with some low f ato cream cheese, wh



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