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What Your Supermarket Doesn’t Want You To KnownChef Kirk Leins from NoTimeToCook.com is on a mission to teach parents and kids how to eat quick, easy and healthy. He says that processed foods have been artificially enhanced with flavor but they contain very little nutrition so it’s doing nothing for the kids but help pack on pounds and we now have a nation of flavor addicts. What we need to do is re-educate their palates for natural foods. Tempt kids’ taste buds with sandwich condiments and fillings like, Mustard, one of the best things you can put on a sandwich.
They’ve been caled generation x large. Today more than 9 million american children and teenagers are overweight and as kids are back in school the responsibility providing a healthy lunch is not just up to the school cafeteria, it is the parents as well. However, ask yourself this question. Could your local supermarket be contributing to the problems? Jeff is a single dad on a mission to teach parents and kids quick and easy ways to eat healthy. He joins us now with ideas this morning. Good morning.nnGood morning, carley.nnSo this is interesting. We kind of want to look at our own local grocery stores?nnAbsolutely. You know, healthy eating is all about buying the freshest, most natural ingredients and typically speaking those ingredients are located around the perimeter of your store. We are talking the meat case, seafood section, dairy case, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables. That’



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