Chef Judi’s Dish Noon – 3/2

Chef Judi’s Dish Noon – 3/2
>>> and now in the kitchen we have chef natalia. >> tell me what to do here. >> we are going to make a beautiful kale salad. we are going to start with beautiful kale. we are going to pull the stem up. we going to hold in one hand and pull it like that. so it’s a nice. >> pull toward the end. >> oh, wow, i got it, i didn’t know that. i’ve never done that before. >> yes. >> what fun. >> we are going to marinade this and just chop it real thin. you can just roll them up together and just give it a nice, quick cut. >> watch the fingers. >> always. >> so we have a nice bowl here, full of fresh chopped kale and it’s bulky and a little tough. i’m going to make magic with salt. >> salt is going to create magic here? >> yes. >> we are going to use 3 quarters of a teaspoon full. we are going to message it with the salt. that is going to soften and create a nice texture so it can absorb our marina



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