Chef Judi’s Dish – 3/1

Chef Judi’s Dish – 3/1
>>> jambalaya in the kitchen sausage. >> fresh market. >> they have everything, they have the andouille, they have all sorts of different sausage. actually, i had italian sausage left over, so i decided — that is what is great about jambalaya. throw it in the pot. >> you can verify that i had a little, little tiny taste. >> he is juicing. >> a little vegetable oil. we’re going to add some — shall weigh talk about the that ranging cajun on t.v. >> celery and green pepper. you can put a little red pepper to add some extra flavor to it and also to add a little color. we are going to saute this around for 5 minutes. >> we will do to one of those whatever happened to the cooking stars of the past. where are they now? >> that’s okay. some day that will be me. whatever happened to chef judy. >> never chef judy. >> i added two cloves of garlic, but if you love garlic, go for more. now for the



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