Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/9

Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/9
>>> chef mark from the sarasota bay club in the kitchen, and mark always cooks up something gourmet. it’s the only way to describe it. absolutely gourmet. and today is no exception. tell us about it, mark. >> thank you, john. today we’re going to be doing a beautiful duck breast. this is a muscovy duck, a little bit larger than your regular duck breast. so we’re going to score this and open up the pores so the fat can seep out. the way we do this is get a hot pan with some salt in it. >> what’s the salt for? >> it’s a buffer between the pan and the duck breast. and we don’t put anything in there because what’s going to happen is all the fat is going to render, so we don’t need any oil for that. >> how about that. >> so basically, what you’re going to do is get that real nice and hot, let the fat render out for about ten minutes, then you’re going to flip it over, put it in the oven on ab



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