Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/8

Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/8
to make moroccan lamb loin chops. right? >> you got it, linda. and these are so easy. first thing we want to do is lamb loin chops tend to be less expensive, and they’re quite meaty, and two are going to be the perfect serving. so pick up an order of those at, you know, your butcher, or fresh market has some nice ones. they almost always have them. but i always recommend you call ahead of time just in case. they have a mixture of cinnamon and jamaican allspice. i know we’re saying moroccan, but it’s still these great flavors of cardamom, is cinnamon, allspice all come together to give a lot of flavor in the meat. so what we’re basically going to do is get a really firm sear. >> is there any oil in this pan? >> there is literally one dot. >> it looks like it. >> because you’re going to have some fat on the rim of your lamb, and that’s going to be just enough, and you’re going to cook them



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