Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/27

Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/27
>>> it’s purple day here on abc 7 and darwin santa maria is here to make us a light, refreshing potato salad during this heatwave we’re having here. >> yes, judi. today is a perfect day to make peruvian purple potato salad. we have salary. ruvian, pepper. and it’s a summer, and it has great fruit flavor, and orange peel flavor examine it’s great — and it’s great with shrimp. >> that’s the new trend to paring food with crafts. >> it’s fresher, i use a lot of lime juice and cilantro. we have a peruvian purple corn on friday that has a sweeter flavor. >> it sounds great. >> let’s put this potato salad together. >> we have potato. what we’re going to do is add lime juice. you cook the potato. >> yes. >> we put lime juice and stir it really nice with extra virgin olive oil. >> keep it moist. >> and for flavor you add peruvian yellow pepper at your local market, especially the latin market, i



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