Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/21

Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/21
>>> it’s steak in the kitchen today. >> people love me today. right, john? >> oh, they’re going to be pouring in here to have a little bit of new york strip, you say? >> yeah. with a cabernet reduction. we have a lot to do here so let’s get started. i have these gorgeous new york strips. look at the thickness on this baby. right from fresh market. you know, you can substitute — you could use a cowboy ribeye on this. you could use a lot of different steaks, but there’s nothing like a great new york strip. one this size is easily going to feed two unles you’re my husband. he’s going to want the whole thing. >> that’s a two-inch thick, though. >> i know. isn’t that gorgeous? this is a real steak house. i am seasoning it with a garlic blend and a little truffle salt, both from my little specialty store that i love, the tea and spice exchange out in st. armands. we’re going to sear it in a v



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