Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/2

Chef Judi’s Dish – 2/2
the garg angola on it. >> whole cream then? >> yes. 40%. and we will reduce it. an>> and the gorganzols is going to completely melt down? >>es. it’s pretty quick. a lot of people — we get a lot of questions about if we use farm raised or wild salmon. we always use mild because it does still have that nice flavor that you get from wild salmon. we always buy atlantic salmon. what we do is we make it and then we put it in and slice it. and we grill it, and we get a nice flavor from the charcoal grill. very unique flavor. you can put it in any shape you want. you can even make — >> hearts for valentine’s. >> yes, could you. >> you can use that, no charge. >> and then we’ll get the spinach. we are going to add a little bit of garlic to it. >> when you sear it, the flavor comes out real quick. we are going to add our spinach. it looks like a lot of spinach, but when it cooks down — >> i alw



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