Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/5

Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/5
>> daniel dokko from j-pan restaurant is with us right now. we are having some trouble with our cooking, we thought this was heating. but it’s not heating. what are we going to be cooking here? >> today we’re making j-pan beef snikmaki. very simple. a lot of fun and delicious. >> is it an appetizer? entree. >> it’s an appetizer. i’m going to make this sauce. already mixed the sauce here. half cup of sugar. and quarter cup of, actually a quart cup of sugar and half cup of soy sauce. >> half cup of soy sauce. and a quarter cup of sugar. and then stir. wisk. >> this dissolves the sugar. >> am i in your way? yes. you just tell me what too do and i’ll help you out. >> so here i got, i have, you can use tenderloin. >> how did you get it so flat? >> i cut it thin. but now i’m going to hammer. >> make it flatter. >> yes. >> so you just beat it. of course you have a special tool. i’ve tried to do



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