Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/31

Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/31
>>> i’m having a good time. judi gallagher is cooking chili, and this is chili with a twist. i tell you, there’s some ingredients here that i’ve never seen in chili, but really does the trick. tell us what you got, judi. >> well, i started out with about a piece of pancetta. this is ground, and i’ll get to the products in just a minute, because these are al products over here that you can find a place like sweetbay or any latin market so we’re going to brown this up, and it does come, and it’s very moist, which is going to be a great texture in our chili because look at this, john, as this meat cooks, we’re going to add a pound of stew meat. >> looks like you’ve added seasoning already in there. >> i did. salt and pepper, a little garlic salt, and if you want a little hint of southwestern seasoning. it depends on how much flavor you really want. i recommend you don’t make it too spicy. y



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