Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/3

Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/3
>>> judi gallagher back in the kitchen cooking up duck. you know, duck has got to be one of my favorite meats. love duck. >> mine, too. and, you know, it seems intimidating to cook it, and it’s really not so i’m going to show you how. the most important thing with a boneless duck breast is you need to score it. so you’re going to take your sharpest knife in the kitchen. don’t cut all the way down, but what you’re doing is by scoring it, is you’re opening that fat cap which is very large. in duck, that’s what makes it so luscious is all that fat. so, we open that up so we can render down that fat. now, you can buy these duck breasts, they come one to a package, and i recommend you call ahead if you’re going to a gourmet store. fresh market usually has them, but, you know, they run out. so if you’re planning it for your menu, plan accordingly, but they freeze beautifully. >> is that cinnam



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