Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/24

Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/24
i had just a little sample here. i tell you what, this is a good-tasting dish. >> know your product, john. this is just a lighter version, if you think of tortillas and things like that, this is kind of a fun idea. you can put all the toppings out, just like a nacho bar and let everybody help themselves. so let’s get started. i bought the flank steak. i bought — this is out one and a half pounds worth. what i do, i put it in the freezer for half an hour. it gets it firmer. easier to cut it when it’s frozen or seem my frozen. cut it nice and thin. i’m cutting with the grain because then i’m going, that’s just to cut it raw. then cut it in smaller pieces. but it’s easier to just roll it and then cut it. so, i have some already cut, john, this is so easy. you’re going to put in a couple teaspoons of soy sauce. and a little bit of sesame oil, which i also have sesame oil in my wok pan. noti



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