Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/31

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/31
>> judi gallagher, i have been wanting a recipe for this phone e for a long time. we are going to be doing collard greens. >> we are. you know, linda, collard greens are symbolic on new year’s eve. but it’s also symbolic year round. it’s just very flavorful. and you’ll find them on menus, like lee roy selmon, they make some of the best collard greens with white cabbage. traditionally a lot of people cook down their collard greens with a ham hock. >> that’s the way my mother did it. >> it’s delicious. but it is very fattening. we’re going to lighten it up just a little bit. we are going to cheat and lighten it up a little bit. what i have here is i’m rendering salt pork. now, salt pork is really that belly fat. and it’s beautiful to render down. it’s not as greasy as bacon. often i render it when i’m going to make clam chowder. so what i’m going to — >> my grandmother used that salt pork



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