Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/3

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/3
>> chef daniel dokko with j-pan is here in the kitchen cooking up something for us today. and if you’ve never been to j-pan, you should try it out. it’s in the paradise plaza. kind of on the other side of publix. you got to drive around the other side of the mall. it’s kind of hip happening place with really excellent sushi and other foods. >> thank you, john. >> you’re welcome. today you’re cooking up? >> called chop chek. one of my favorite, favorite dish for the holidays. we’re going to start searing the beef. >> you’re using what kind of beef? >> strip loin. some onion. >> you got me already with the onions and the beef. >> carrots. >> when i ate at your place, one of the things i was impressed at was the attention to detail you take in serving the dishes and making them appeal as much to the eye as to the tastebuds. is that really important? >> absolutely. you eat with your eyes fir



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